Freddy, what do Yaks eat ?

I was showing my son Jack this site the other day, he’s just turned five and I wanted him to understand why daddy will be away for nearly a month. I tried to show him South Georgia and Antarctica on Google Earth but he was having more fun zooming into our house….”Daddy, I’ve just crashed into the roof!”

As soon as I opened the blogg page he said “Ahhhh…Freddy T. Bear… he going with you ?”

A few months back I coerced Pat into giving me a copy of Freddy’s 2004 assent on Everest. It became one of our many bed time story books and helped Jack to understand why daddy was off climbing in Kerry, Norway and Wicklow. It has really helped him to relate to the whole expedition. He has also picked up a good deal of knowledge on our expedition gear and even re-enacts climbing expeditions with his friends after school – much to the amusement of Margaret, his after school minder.

He is much happier knowing that Freddy will be coming with us and would very much like to ask him: “Do Yaks eat pooh ?!!”

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