Last Day

Well here it is, last day at work before a weekend of packing and re-packing. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve checked the gear list. I’m not a particularly fastidious person but diving taught me to pay good attention to equipment, it’s not easy to fix something when you’re 25m under the sea so you quickly get into the habit of checking and re-checking everything is functioning correctly. This expedition is no different, where success or failure can largely depend on having the right gear in case of eventualities. South Georgia is renowned for its unpredictable weather; a bright clear day can very quickly change into a hostile and unforgiving environment. That said, we’ll be in the expert hands of Pat, Clare, Ger, Donal and some of Norwegians finest cold weather expeditionists.

Am I nervous? I know I should be but I think I’m more excited at the moment. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with the team again, there’s a special bond that develops between people who are striving to achieve similar goals. We’ve all put a great deal of personal effort into this and soon we’ll be able to reap the reward. We all want the expedition to succeed, but it’s the journey that’s more important…the steps we take.

Thanks goes to my Uncle John and Aunty Patricia for their support and encouragement; my son, Jack, for being the most inspirational thing in my life and who will disown me if I don’t bring back a picture of Freddy T. Bear; my dad, who has suffered greatly these last two years and who is secretly very pleased with my endeavors. Thanks also to, especially Sean, Pat and Michael, who pushed the right buttons when I had doubts and are themselves some of life’s great adventurers. And finally, for fear of this all becoming a bit too gushy, a big thanks to Matt for helping to make this website one of the best expedition websites around.

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