I’m packed!

Sunday 8:30 pm…..and I’m all packed up! Wahooo!

It was no easy affair I can tell you, an experience in the modern day madness that is air travel. It would have been a very noble gesture if the Irish airline, our carrier for the first leg of a long three flight haul to Tierra Del Fuego, had allowed this home grown Irish expedition a little leeway with the baggage weight allowance, say an extra four or five kilos. Alas I’m pragmatic enough to know that financial capital and social capital are distant friends in this current climate. So after a couple of balancing acts on two sets of borrowed bathroom scales, much to the amusement of my wee boy, I’m happy to announce that my bags are packed and I’m ready to go.

And now, it’s time to sit back, have a well deserved beer and watch the new series of Planet Earth on BBC 1. Tonight’s episode is Ice Lands, which means I’ll be getting a healthy dose of Antarctica to set myself up for the journey ahead.

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