Kullusuk, Greenland.

Welcome to our first dispatch from Greenland!

We flew into the west coast yesterday and caught a small propeller plane to Kullusuk on the east coast – much to Sean’s amusement (he hates flying!).

The flight took us over the polar plateau and allowed us to assess the state of the ice cap. We could clearly see lots of glacier lakes and streams as well as many open crevasses, especially on the start and end of our intended route, which is a cause of concern.

The local village has a population of 350 and is currently out hunting whale. They have a seasonal quota of 3 whales but none have been caught so far.

We are currently organising our gear and rigging the tent so we can hitch it quickly in case of sudden weather changes on the plateau.

Our intentinion is to set off on Monday and we aim to write daily dispatches of our progress as well as our position and weather reports. So please check back often to follow our exploits.

Kullusuk, Greenland.

Kullusuk, Greenland.

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