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The weather today has been bright and sunny, about 20 degrees centigrade, with a 3 knot arctic breeze.

So, we took a small break from orgqanising our gear to witness a demonstration of traditional Inuit fishing from a hand made seal skinned Kyak, as well as some Inuit singing and dancing.

The local football team won an important match last week and their success was celebrated via a community picnic of shark and seal meat. Pat enjoyed the shark meat but found the seal meat was like eating raw fishy butter.

An elder member of the community invited us into his home to see his collection of masks, hand carved from drift wood. It is interesting to see that each member of the community has a skill to offer for the benefit of all.

In fact the community spirit here has been an eye opener, no less so than the way the spoils of hunting are shared amongst all those who take part in the kill. One recent example concerns a Polar Bear who unfortunately wandered threatingly close to the village. The man who shot it got the prime cut of meat and the woman who spotted it got the skin, which she then sold for a tidy sum of 8500 Euros – a substantial amount of money in these parts.

We finally have our gear sorted and will spend the next two days organising a boat to take us to our start point, the snout of the glacier in Nagtivit.

Inuit Fishing

Inuit Fishing

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