Well, we’ve finally packed our sledges! We estimate that each team member will be hauling about 80KG. We’ll be taking two light plastic sledges as well as our fibre glass sledges specially designed for the Greenland crossing. The plastic sledges will carry some bulky but light gear, to avoid our main sledges being packed too high and thus more prone to flipping over on the ascent to the plateau.

We’ve been rehearsing our crevasse rescue skills and ensuring all the necessary rescue gear is conveniently packed and readily available for when we hit the rough stuff. From what we could see from the plane during our flight over from the west coast, it would be wise to be prepared. We also have to ensure we are roped up in such a way that if one of the team falls down a crevasse, their sledge doesn’t follow them in..especially if its Pat because he weighs a tonne as it is!

This evening, we’re going to head over to the only hotel here and see if we can get a meal. Sean has been cooking up some great meals since we got here so it’s only fair to give him a night off.

When we reach the plateau and have a more reliable signal then i’ll try and send the photos associated with each dispatch.



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