Terrible Terrain.

Its been a tiring day! We spent the morning ferrying our sledges across crevasses, some quit intimidatingly deep. It was slow progress but by lunchtime we were out of the worst.

Pat and Clare brought a second plastic sledge for light bulky stuff but I thought i’d be ok with just the main one. Unfortunately the terrain caused it to flip over every few meters so I certainly learnt my lesson. Thankfully, Clare leant me her second sledge so I could spread the load between the two, which has been a great help.

By evening we had started to pick up the pace and should be on the plateau tomorrow.

Pat’s sledge picked up an 8 inch gash in the side whilst hauling through the rough stuff. So we cut up a plastic container and patched it using Araldite. Hopefully it will last the distance.

Up at 6am again tomorrow so goodnight for now.



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