We’re Off!

Just finished packing my casual gear and am about to leave the house and head to the airport. There I will meet up with two other members of the team, Pat and Jonathon, before boarding the plane to take us on the first leg of our flight to Chile. Unfortunately, we wont meet up with the final member of the team, Clare, until we reach Punta Arenas due to a mess up with her flights.

Had a great evening last night taking my son, Jack, on “trick or treat” dressed up as a Transformer, needless to say it was he, not I, that was dressed up! I’m going to miss him dearly over the next two and a half months. I’ve explained what daddy is doing and why he’ll be away; he’s been involved in shopping for all the gear over the last two years and loves sleeping in the Arctic sleeping bag I used for Greenland. He understands, as much as a six year old can, that this is important to daddy…although he is naturally disappointed I wont be there for Christmas. Do I feel guilty about being away from him for such a long time, indulging myself in trying to fulfill my dream to walk to the South Pole? Of course I do!

We’ve all bought 500 Euro of credit for the sat phone so we can phone our nearest and dearest whilst we’re in the white stuff, and I’ve promised to phone Jack every Sunday, just as I did during the Greenland expedition. But each call reminds both him and myself how much we miss each other, and that hurts. He’s very brave and I’m very proud of him, that’s why I’ve named my sledge after him.

Never forget Jack, Daddy loves you stars full.

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